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Thu Jan 9 19:43:37 UTC 2003



 I have a Dell Latitude with a Mobility M3.


 It doesn't work in full screen mode. It hangs w/o showing the Accept/Cancel


 dialog box.


 If you follow the directions for making a Morphic window (drag the OpenGL 

 TeaPot icon out of tools to the World background) it works that way.





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>    Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 09:44:52 +0100

>    From: "Lorenzo Schiavina" <lorenzo at>

> Subject: Help


> Hello,


> I have tried to use Croquet on my notebook (Acer Travel Mate 529ATX) and I

> crashed Squeak VM getting the attached dump.


> David Reed told me that my graphic accellerator is not compatible with

> Croquet's usage and suggested me to dowload the latest version of video

> drivers; I did so, but the problem still exists.


> My video driver has a lot of options that I am not able to set and there is

> not help or instructions.


> My driver is: RAGE MOBILITY-M AGP of ATI with the following features:


> Build M6.11.56-T01

> Desktop 4.12.2466

> Driver 4.12.2125


> Can anybody help me ?


> Thanks


> Lorenzo Schiavina


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