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Thu Jan 9 17:00:53 UTC 2003


I have a Dell Latitude with a Mobility M3.

It doesn't work in full screen mode. It hangs w/o showing the Accept/Cancel 
dialog box.

If you follow the directions for making a Morphic window (drag the OpenGL 
TeaPot icon out of tools to the World background) it works that way.


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   Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 09:44:52 +0100
   From: "Lorenzo Schiavina" <lorenzo at edor.it>
Subject: Help


I have tried to use Croquet on my notebook (Acer Travel Mate 529ATX) and I
crashed Squeak VM getting the attached dump.

David Reed told me that my graphic accellerator is not compatible with
Croquet's usage and suggested me to dowload the latest version of video
drivers; I did so, but the problem still exists.

My video driver has a lot of options that I am not able to set and there is
not help or instructions.

My driver is: RAGE MOBILITY-M AGP of ATI with the following features:

Build M6.11.56-T01
Desktop 4.12.2466
Driver 4.12.2125

Can anybody help me ?


Lorenzo Schiavina

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