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goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Fri Jan 10 10:15:41 UTC 2003

Alex <huetal at iutc3.unicaen.fr> wrote:
> We are 3 french students working on a project : SqueakBot. We want to
> control a Robot with a microcontroller, but all the existing Squeak VM are
> to big. So we want to know it is possible to use the Squeak VMMakerTool to
> create our own VM. We must have a very light VM because our
> microcontroller card only have 64 ko of memory (RAM+EPROM).

I am no expert but given all I have seen sofar 64kb is just not enough.
And you will also need an image where the smallest I have heard about
(Dan's mythical image) is about 4 times more than that.

The smallest Smalltalk VM I have heard about is the PocketSmalltalk VM
which is about 20-30kb I think.

VMMaker is for building the Squeak VM (picking options etc) but can not
be used to simply produce a VM of your own "choice" so to speak.

regards, Göran

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