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Alain Fischer mailinglist.fischer at bluewin.ch
Sat Jan 11 01:17:26 UTC 2003

Hi Alexandre,

Take a look at PicSmalltalk, this is a smalltalk which generate Pic 
It has not all the facility of smalltalk like garbage collector or 
method lookup,
but it seem easy to retarget the code generator to some kind of 
I would name it a macro assembler with a smalltalk syntax.

LittleSmalltalk in version 4 is also small but you need a malloc library 
on your

PocketSmalltalk is perhaps the bigger of the three but will fit in 64k, 
it also need
a malloc library.

Have a nice project.

Le Vendredi 10 janvier 2003, à 10:49 , Alex a écrit :

> We are 3 french students working on a project : SqueakBot. We want to
> control a Robot with a microcontroller, but all the existing Squeak VM 
> are
> to big. So we want to know it is possible to use the Squeak VMMakerTool 
> to
> create our own VM. We must have a very light VM because our
> microcontroller card only have 64 ko of memory (RAM+EPROM).
> Thanks for help.
> Alexandre Huet

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