Croquet: OpenGL desktop shines through

Merik Voswinkel buurtnet at
Sat Jan 11 01:12:35 UTC 2003

I have been playing with Croquet while I had a program running under 
cocoa on the Mac OS X desktop in Squeak 3.4.0Beta.
When I started my own tea test morph variant, with 7.2 MB jpeg's 
instead of the default windows with jpeg's in the underwater space,
I saw the Mac OS X desktop pattern shine through, instead of the 
intended jpeg. After a while, specifically some 360" rotation,
the intended jpeg files where visable again.

So, for a short while, the mac desktop shone through, but distorted. It 
was live, when I actived the apple icon (croquet and squeak aren not 
fullscreen). Within the jpeg's (created by makeWindows method), I save 
the menubar rolling down, and the partly obsured desktop.
There is something special with my desktop however, it is live. I have 
a 3d OpenGL desktop made by 3DosX:

I will endeavour to replicate this bug.
I hope however to find that this bug can become a feature!

Can you imagine my shock of delight, entering  the familiar underwater 
space, seeing suddenly an 3d finder, reacting to my mouse running 
within a frame on the wall! I first thought it was a hidden feature, 
the the bug that it is, then the feature I would like it to become.

  Any idea's, anyone?

I'm guessing it is interference between older data the croquet overlay, 
so within OpenGL.

Can the output of Quartz, OpenGL or Cocoa, Finder or of Cocoa windows 
become a (changing) bitmap, that OpenGL projected within a frame, just 
as is now done with Squeak 2d projects?

Merik Voswinkel

Oldambt 69
3524 BD Utrecht
buurtnet at
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