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Merik Voswinkel buurtnet at
Sat Jan 11 01:36:57 UTC 2003

On donderdag, jan 9, 2003, at 18:32 Europe/Amsterdam, John M McIntosh 

> Now the interesting thing about all this is that the javascript, and 
> HTML render are cocoa frameworks. Which really means you can plug your 
> copy in to replace the official version as distributed by Apple. 
> Although Apple isn't open-sourcing 'everything' it is interesting to 
> see how they are partitioning functionality between the open-source 
> community and internally managed fit & finish presentation look & > feel.
It could also work the other way around. Build a webbrowser gui in 
squeak of Croquet, use a Squeak plugin to add the javascript and HTML 
render of OS X.
A Squeak plugin on unix could use the Darwin or the KHTML versions. 
Ugly, when they start to diverge.

It is only a quick and dirty way to get a fast browser in Squeak. I 
would love a 100% morphic browser, but I think that we are running out 
of time. I can see a future release of Croquet that millions will 
download, if only for a game or presentation.
But to keep it on their desktop's it needs more. Number one will be a 
fast browser. That is the only reason I am looking into borrowing 
Apple's aproach to quickly create a browser. They married a 'library' 
to a cocoa gui.
Whe can do the same, with Squeak or Croquet. But it's still ugly.

To come back to your point John, do I understand that we could plug 
code into Apple's framework replacing there code?
Could i do that with squeak? Replace a definition of cocoa window with 
squeak code?

I have been looking into two simpler problems, using Squeak to create 
links into Applescript Studio as is now done with Applescripts.
And the reverse, using Squeak to call all Apple's framework code, as 
could be done with FFI or like the Quicktime calls in Squeak.
I want only to pursue this route if Smalltalk/Squeak turns out to 
interface easier than Java and Objective C. I am mainly interested in 
using Cocoa.

See also my comments on OpenGL and the Mac OS X desktop shining through 
as another way to mix OS X en Squeak.

Merik Voswinkel

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