[DISCUSS] Double-click should be "blue click"

Doug Clapp dclapp at qwest.net
Sat Jan 11 18:47:29 UTC 2003

First, thanks to Ned for helping me get my wheel mouse buttons sorta inline.  (I like the "left-handed" button setup, which can't be done simply by using Prefs.)  My wheel-click still isn't "Blue button," which I'd like, but...the larger issue is this:

Isn't it time we sent the 3-button mouse idea to the dustbin?

Although I'll grant that Mac Squeakers are single buttoners, most of the computing world today uses two-button mice (or wheel mice).

Why not make double-click mean "blue button click"?  Or, at the very least, allow a double-click to mean either red, yellow or blue, at the user's option?  Double-click is noticeably absent from the Squeak UI -- does double-clicking postdate the development of Smalltalk?  Is that why it's absent?

As I noodled around tying to fix my own settings, I found "swap buttons" in Prefs and also the VM "Mouse Mappings" 1 or 3 button settings.  Oddly, Mouse Mappings lets you choose 1 or 3 or neither or both or any other combination.  And those settings determine how the Prefs "swap button" item works. Below that, in the source, lots of bit-twiddling and, under all, a primitive.

So mouse mapping could, at the very least, be rolled together and made more understandable to the average user.

If I were less of a Newbie, I'd astound you all with my programming prowness and do it myself.  Maybe next week (year? :-)

But...double-click for halos?  I think it's a great idea.


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