SharedSmalltalk (was: A Question about Croquet's Philosophy...)

Robert Withers rwithers12 at
Sat Jan 11 20:32:40 UTC 2003

This is an interesting paper, Anthony.  If you haven't seen it already, 
you would like Lex Spoon's Islands 

Also, I have published a port of E's eventualReference framework at  I have unpublished code (to 
be released soon), which builds a secure 168-bit peer2peer connection, 
called VatTP.   The last step, over the next month or so will connect 
the EventualReference framework and VatTP, with what is known as CapTP, 
or Capability Transmission Protocol (or something  :)).

squeak-e's eventualReference framework could allow filters and services 
to be attached to object references.  This would allow extensions to 
support persistence, transactions, QoS, and teaTime.

CapTP will have a carAndTrain distributed GC algorithm and provide 
support for eventual message sending.

in VatTP, the encryption and marshalling are pluggable.  The connection 
protocol negotiates with authentication, authorization, diffie-hellman 
key exchange, and protocol negotiation (compression, encryption, 
marshalling.  Connections can be suspended and reconnect.

I hope that you will consider supporting this nascient framework, a 2 
year effort of mine, to focus our efforts on a single capabilities 
model.  It feels like it is sufficient to support many of the features 
in this area of CS.


On Saturday, January 11, 2003, at 02:51 PM, Anthony Hannan wrote:

> Hello all,
> I recently wrote a paper called "Capabilites and Class Extensions for
> Secure but Extensible, Shared Smalltalk".  It discusses securing 
> classes
> in a shared environment while still allowing benign class extensions.
> It allows different packages to extend classes without changing them or
> overriding them.  It is not as flexible as my layered environments
> approach that I have previously proposed recently, but is more secure.
> I think it achieves a good compromise between extensibility and 
> security
> and should be considered for Croquet.  Check it out at:
> Cheers,
> Anthony

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