SharedSmalltalk (was: A Question about Croquet's Philosophy...)

Anthony Hannan ajh18 at
Sat Jan 11 22:10:41 UTC 2003

Robert Withers <rwithers12 at> wrote:
> Also, I have published a port of E's eventualReference framework at 
> ...
> I hope that you will consider supporting this nascient framework, a 2 
> year effort of mine, to focus our efforts on a single capabilities 
> model.

Definitely, I only defined a capabilities-based object model for
classes, and haven't implemented anything yet.  We could implement it in
your framework.  It looks like you are implementing the secure
communications needed.  This is great.

Eventually sending is cool too.  Although, it can be tricky when methods
have side effects.  For instances:

	"<xxx means eventual send of xxx"
	a <printOn: stream.
	b _ stream contents.

If the eventual send of printOn: completes after "stream contents", b
will be missing a's printString.  What is your stance on these delayed
side-effect cases?


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