SharedSmalltalk (was: A Question about Croquet's Phi losophy...) at at
Sat Jan 11 20:36:00 UTC 2003


Some of my questions for Open Croquet were at the 3D & social engineering 
level, rather than the code/object/method level.

Some examples... 
* Blocking another avatar's camera by creating a strategically positioned, 
small, opaque 3D object
* Blocking another avatar's movement by creating a strategically positioned, 
small or invisible, solid 3D objects
* Moving two portals together, to facing each other, so an avatar can’t get 
into the middle world from within either world of the two portals
* Blocking another user’s 3D object selection mouse click by creating an 
invisible 3D object right in front of the user’s cursor to receive the click 
event instead of the visible 3D object
* Moving 3D objects to where they cannot be found


This has to do with creating new objects or moving objects already intended to 
be moved by their creators, rather than modifying another person’s object or 
methods as your system addresses.

The classic “Tragedy of the Commons”...


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