Curious behavior

Bill Spight bspight at
Mon Jan 13 15:46:27 UTC 2003

Dear Ned,

> > The problem comes, though, before this method is called. Instead of
> > sending the #new message to GoStoneHandler (which has no class
> > methods of its own, and is a subclass of EllipseMorph)
> That sounds a bit peculiar. I usually think of things called Handlers 
> as being non-GUI elements (i.e. models). But I don't know your 
> design.

FWIW, here is my idea. All mouse or keyboard events on the GoBoard send
a message to the GoBoard handler (instance variable). Anything that
wants to use the board puts something there. A GoStoneHandler is a Morph
that goes there for putting stones on the board and taking them off.
When it receives a message about an event, it sends a message to its
owner, which decides what to do with the information. The owner is more
like a model. The owner may also send instructions to GoStoneHandler.
GoStoneHandler has a visual aspect, which is a large go stone (Ellipse)
indicating what color stone it is handling. The user can click it to
toggle the color to handle.

Best regards,


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