[DISCUSS] Double-click should be "blue click"

Tommy Thorn squeaker at meko.dk
Mon Jan 13 22:10:17 UTC 2003

Nevin Pratt wrote:

> In those UI systems that provide the ability to eliminate it, I've 
> turned it off as a UI option, and after awhile, I find myself 
> *preferring* to leave it off, even though overall I've had more 
> experience with it on.  Thus I don't believe it's just a matter of 
> what you are used to.

Amen.  Double-click is even ergonomically evil and likely to accelerate 
RSI problem.

I find it particularly humous that Doug Clapp is promoting Double-click 
under the banner of "understandability for the average user" as 
double-click is motorically much more challenging that single-click.

The issue of Squeak's dependence on a three button mouse is real though, 
but not a simple problem.  The issue becomes increasingly 
visible/annoying as you go to two button mouse, one button mouse, a pen, 
and finally, keyboard-only. It would be nice, at least for Morphic, to 
be able to handle all these senarios gracefully, but I think this is a 
hard problem.


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