[DISCUSS] Double-click should be "blue click"

Cees de Groot cg at cdegroot.com
Mon Jan 13 23:49:26 UTC 2003

Tommy Thorn <squeaker at meko.dk> said:
>The issue of Squeak's dependence on a three button mouse is real though, 
>but not a simple problem.  The issue becomes increasingly 
>visible/annoying as you go to two button mouse, one button mouse, a pen, 
>and finally, keyboard-only. It would be nice, at least for Morphic, to 
>be able to handle all these senarios gracefully, but I think this is a 
>hard problem.
Well, ergonomically I think this whole mouse idea isn't optimal. With a
keyboard centered, I need to reach too far to the right to get to it. We
should cook up something better to move pointers on the screen, I think :)

(I'd like a pen and a one-handed keyboard attached to a portable screen
in such a way that holding and keying are combined in the left hand
while keeping the right free to write. I've learned to play piano, so I'll be
quite happy to use all sorts of keyboard-chording and pen-click combinations
in order to have a range of shortcuts :-))

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