[DISCUSS] Double-click should be "blue click"

Tommy Thorn squeaker at meko.dk
Tue Jan 14 01:13:41 UTC 2003

Tim Rowledge wrote:

>I've tried to specify that as an arrangement for every hardware device
>I ever worked on all the way back to IBM in 1984. Ever come across
>the Quinkey keyboard or Agenda PDA? Even I could touchtype on one of
<Off Topic Sorry>

Thanks for the hint Tim.  As I'm always obsessed with (better) 
alternatives to Qwerty keyboards I went googling for Quinkey which 
turned out to be the old familiar Microwriter.  However, I also found a 
current alternative, the CyKey 
(http://www.bellaire.demon.co.uk/newcykey.htm) which I think I'll try 
just for kicks.

</Off Topic Sorry>

I still don't like double-click :-)


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