[DISCUSS] Double-click should be "blue click"

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Jan 14 03:31:21 UTC 2003

Tommy Thorn <squeaker at meko.dk> appears to have written:

> (http://www.bellaire.demon.co.uk/newcykey.htm) which I think I'll try 
> just for kicks.
Oh goody, I'm really pleased to see that there is still something
available. I wonder if anyone has written a driver for RicOS yet. Hmm.
> </Off Topic Sorry>
> I still don't like double-click :-)
It has it's uses. For example, I much prefer d-click as a way of
starting an application from a typical file viewer. The KDE default of a
single click drives me nuts since I expect to select with that single
click. Add the way that it can take _ages_ to actually start the damn
application during which time it seems like you're utterly screwed (so
much for proper multitasking I guess) and I get really cross. I guess a
large part of it is what one is used to though.


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