[Q]: Opening a file on Win2000 - Squeak 2.4g/2.5a

Thierry Reignier thierry_reignier at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 14 08:51:03 UTC 2003


I need to open a file and I do it with:
   fileStream _ FileStream fileNamed: 'C:\Squeak\OUTWREC-4-0.rtf'.
   ReadStream on: fileStream contentsOfEntireFile

It works fine but atfer some time I get a debugger complaining:
   MessageNotUnderstood: contentsOfEntireFile
   VM: Win32 - Squeak3.3alpha of 24 January 2002 [latest update: #4967]
   Image: Squeak3.5alpha [latest update: #5168]

1. Could it be that GC causes trouble? since FileStream is nil.
StandardFileStream>>open: fileName forWrite: writeMode
   "Open the file with the given name. If writeMode is true, allow
   writing, otherwise open the file in read-only mode."
   "Changed to do a GC and retry before failing ar 3/21/98 17:25"
   fileID _ StandardFileStream retryWithGC:[self primOpen: fileName 
writable: writeMode]
		until:[:id| id notNil]
		forFileNamed: fileName.
	fileID ifNil: [^ nil].  "allows sender to detect failure"

2. Or could it be that I am missing the FilePlugin mentioned in
StandardFileStream>>primOpen: fileName writable: writableFlag
	"Open a file of the given name, and return the file ID obtained.
	If writableFlag is true, then
		if there is none with this name, then create one
		else prepare to overwrite the existing from the beginning
		if the file exists, open it read-only
		else return nil"

	<primitive: 'primitiveFileOpen' module: 'FilePlugin'>
	^ nil

(same happens in 3.4g)



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