[DISCUSS] Double-click should be "blue click"

Norton, Chris chrisn at Kronos.com
Tue Jan 14 18:46:19 UTC 2003

I can't speak for Apple users (I haven't fired up my ][ GS in years!), but I
would think that most, if not all, Intel-based PC users have wheel mice,
which in my experience are typically 3 button mice w/ a scroller (the
scroller is the middle button).  I upgraded to a wheel mouse on all of my
machines years ago and I haven't looked back.

So in general, I would expect that *most* people have dropped their old 2
button mice in favor of a 3 button (or more) mouse of some flavor.  Heck, I
even have a 3 button mouse on my Solaris machine at work.

Now then, having said all of that, perhaps for people that don't have
multiple buttons, or a pen device, an intelligent expanding menu could
satisfy.  E.g. Combine all 3 menus under a single menu that expands if you
move your pointer over the "arrows".

Perhaps that would be a nice preference for PDA and Apple users.


---==> Chris

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