[Q] Status of blocks

Anthony Hannan ajh18 at cornell.edu
Thu Jan 16 04:50:46 UTC 2003

"Ken Collins" <kenncoll123 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> 3) Time millisecondsToRun: [100000 factorial]
> VI - 393454
> NonVI - 324129
> I tried this last test a few times, and NonVI beat it every time. Seems 
> kinda strange.

It's probably because I copy the stack when it grows, but only grow it
by a small fixed amount (1000 slots ~ 150 frames) each time, causing many
copies of large stacks.  Maybe I should grow it by a factor of the
current size, so it will be copied less and less.  This would not be
hard to have as VM parameters, maybe a growFactor and a growConstant.


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