[ANN] Squeak3.4gammaOne on UIUC server

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu Jan 16 05:45:40 UTC 2003

A fresh 3.4 gamma image, called "Squeak3.4GammaOne", is now available 
on the UIUC ftp server 

This "GammaOne" image is code-identical to an "evolved" 3.4gamma 
image, such as one based on Bruce's "Squeak3.4g-5168" found in the 
same folder on the server.

It differs from an evolved 3.4gamma image as follows:

(1)  The information windows on the welcome screen (including the 
contents of the ReadMe.txt file) have been updated for 3.4.  The 
wording and the "voice" are still almost entirely Dan's, but some 
details have been brought up-to-date for 3.4 by Doug Way and me.

(2)  The project content in the "Worlds of Squeak" projects has been 
*very mildly* updated.  These projects are still largely unchanged 
since Squeak 3.0.

(3)  The usual panoply of pre-release cleanups have been performed.


   -- Scott

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