Newbie: Benchmarking Squeak vs. Flash, Director and IE

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Thu Jan 16 08:13:32 UTC 2003

"Ralf Bokelberg" <squeak at> wrote:
> Hi Group, 
> i just found Squeak and i'm very interested to 
> work with it, because of its oop language and 
> its multimedia features. 


> I just tried to evaluate its performance and i'm wondering
> if i did it correct, since it seems to be pretty fast. At least 
> from my point of view, since i'm mostly working with flash. 
> squeak/smalltalk       result ms: 7 (62 with 100000 loops)
> director/lingo            result ms: 33 (300 ms with 100000 loops)
> javascript/ie5.5         result ms: 100 (610 ms with 100000 loops)
> actionscript/flash mx result ms: 1382 
> Maybe you can take a short look at my smalltalk script
> and tell me, if it is correct ? It should create an object and 
> call its method func 10000 times. 

It looks correct to me. Tried same on my Athlon 1400+ (eq approx 1.4Ghz
P4) in Dolphin which gave 2ms/25ms. Dolphin is a bit more aggressively
optimized for some things I think - on the other hand, the new Squeak VM
from Anthony (VI4) might end up in the same ballpark.

I don't have the fastest Smalltalk VM available (that would probably
still be VW, don't know if SmallScript is up there yet) on this machine.

Also, note that many performance hungry things in Squeak are written in
plugins/primitives that are running in "C speed", like for example the
graphics primitives, sound etc.

regards, Göran

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