building a Squeak CDrom

Marcus Denker marcus at
Thu Jan 16 09:04:36 UTC 2003


I'm putting together a Squeak CDROM. This CD will be available
as a free download (.iso image). And it will be possible to buy
this starting at $10, worldwide shipping.

We experimented with a combination of (international
Payment+Shop) and SwiftCD (CD Production / Shipping) for the
ESUG Smalltalk CD. This turned out to work great, it's fully
automatic and reasonably fast.

See for more onfo
on the ESUG CD, the KAGI Shop is at

For those interested, the costs for a CD are:

   -> $1.75  (transaction fee for $10)
   -> $6.29
   -> $0.60 US or $1.60 europe+asia (shipping).
      $8.64 - 9.64

So we making a stunning profit of $0.36/$1.36 per CD sold. This
money will go to Squeak Germany e.V.i.Gr., which is a german based
non-profit association.

So, the question is: What would you like to have on such a CD?
For the first version, I plan to add:

 -> The Squeak 3.2 directory of the FTP-Server (100MB)
 -> Squeak 3.4gamma (10MB)   
 -> The Mailinglist Archives (180 MB)
 -> Some Documentation (e.g. nuBlue PDFs) (30MB)
 -> Squeakland Plugins (40MB)
 -> Croquet0.1 (90MB)

anything else?

Please send me a private Mail if you have an idea for other
stuff to put on the CD.

A later version of the CD should contain a complete mirror of
SqueakMap, nicely installable from the SqueakMap-Browser. I need
to look at SqueakMap how to do this...

I plan to build the CD next weekend, so it should be available from
SwiftCD starting next week.


Marcus Denker marcus at  -- Squeak!

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