Voxel graphics with Morphs/Balloon3D

Hans Nikolaus Beck HNBeck at t-online.de
Thu Jan 16 18:28:57 UTC 2003


>> - graphics:  does  balloon provide any help this or is there another 
>> option to do graphics?
> There has been some discussion before, i'll start looking through the 
> 180MB maillist archive.
> I remember that there is no real issue here.

As far I can remember voxel was no issue in this list ??

>> - using Squeak or Croquet (may be croquet suits better for such 
>> requirements)?
> A general Morph(Squeak) and Croquet (Squeak) approach to base your 
> first mental model and first demo on.
> Croquet is the obvious place to visualize voxel spaces.

Yes. in general, I use squeak for prototyping. But I think about to 
switch to croquet for such cases. BTW,  I want use voxels for 
visualizing results of electrodynamics FDTD code.

I sounds  that you have any experience in voxel graphic :-) ?



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