A squeak3.4 VM will be needed

Ralf Bokelberg squeak at bokelberg.de
Fri Jan 17 01:45:42 UTC 2003

I am a newbie to squeak and smalltalk
but i'm not a newbie to programming. 

I just started to discover squeak and i don't 
consider the main problem to be not having 
version .x  but 

1. installing external programs. I just managed to install 
the sm browser, but it really was a mess to do. Imho somebody 
has to write a simple step by step howTo)

2. the lack of good examples of productive
or inspiring work, which was made with squeak

3. probably problem 2 comes from the fact, that
inspiring code is totally hidden by the vast of code 
of the whole machine. 

As i'm a newbie, i'm probably missing the whole point,
but the entry barrier seems to be pretty high to me. 


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