Interesting Paper.

Anthony Hannan ajh18 at
Fri Jan 17 18:40:40 UTC 2003

"Mark S. Miller" <markm at> wrote:
> On the squeak-dev list, Anthony Hannan wrote:
> >
> Following the above link leads to a page with a broken link...
> Google has a cached copy.

The link now works again.

> It looks like a good piece of work.

Thanks Mark.  This means a lot coming from an object security guru like

> Anthony, are you aware of Joule's "Type Extension" feature? It's the closest 
> that I know of to providing the kind of secure extensibility you seek, and 
> is very similar in many ways to your approach. I thought it was documented 
> in the "Energetic Secrets" appendix of the Joule Manual 
> , but I just looked and it isn't.

No, I wasn't aware of Joule.  I just ready several of the chapters at
the above site and found it interesting.  I assume E is the latest
incarnation of the Joule concepts.  But like you said, I did not find
anything on type extensions.


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