[e-lang] [RFP] cross-language object serialization (E <---> Squeak-E)

Robert Withers rwithers12 at attbi.com
Sun Jan 19 23:55:23 UTC 2003

On Sunday, January 19, 2003, at 01:06 PM, Anthony Hannan wrote:

> Robert Withers <rwithers12 at attbi.com> wrote:
>> Last night, I successfully established a negotiated connection between
>> an E Vat and a Squeak-E Vat.
> Congratulations!

thank you!  :)

>> The remaining barrier to a technical integration is a serialization
>> format that would allow both to exchange objects.
> You should consider the Squeak image segment format.  I don't know how 
> E
> objects are represented, but they must be similar.  An image segment is
> just a cut of the object graph with in-pointers and out-pointers
> converted to remote pointers.  Using the raw object format is the most
> direct form of serialization.

hmm...doesn't this use SmartRefStream?  The problem is that E uses Java 
serialization and we don't do that - we have Squeak serialization.  
Would image segments be easily implementable in Java?


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