[Enh] [Star Browser] [Jacaranda] [Connectors] Preliminary Jacaranda/Connectors in Star Browser support

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Mon Jan 20 22:19:38 UTC 2003

Here's a preliminary CS to add support for Jacaranda diagrams in Star
Browser.  To use this you will need to have current versions of Star
Browser, Connectors, and Jacaranda installed into a recent 3.4 image
along with any other packages they require.

There's a little packaging problem with Star Browser that causes a
problem with labelling services.  To fix this after having loaded Star
Browser go into the ClassificationsTesting class category and delete the
ItemDeepLabelTest class.

If you have EVER opened a Star Browser window in the image there is some
other work you will need to do after loading this changeset, so see
below if this applies to you.

Get the changeset from http://kencausey.com/SBJacaranda.4.cs

Currently support is adding a new blank diagram, loading a diagram from
a file, saving a diagram, and renaming a diagram.

If you haven't ever run Star Browser before you should be ready to go. 
Just open a Star Browser from the world menu.  See 'add Diagram' and
'load Diagram' from any extentional classification menu.

If you HAVE run Star Browser we need to reset things a bit.  There may
be a better way of doing this but this is the best that I have found so

1.  In any Star Browser window hit the menu button in the title bar and
choose 'reset Root'.

2.  Close ALL open Star Browser windows.

3.  In a Workspace enter 'ServicesConfiguration allInstances do: [:ea|
ea inspect]' and 'do it'.

4.  One inspector window on a single ServicesConfiguration instance
should open.  In the bottom pane of the inspector enter 'self
reBuildFromServiceClasses' and 'do it'.

You should now be able to close the inspector and open a Star Browser
and have fun.

Hernan:  I don't think it makes much sense for this to exist as a
seperate package so I would like for you to include this in the
Jacaranda package if you haven't already been working on this.  If I add
any further refinements I will let you know.

Ken Causey
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