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Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Tue Jan 21 17:57:35 UTC 2003

On Tuesday 21 January 2003 07:03 am, you wrote:
> In the short term maybe this does need to be in a seperate package.
> However that's going to cause an explosion of packages I think,
> packages that handle the intersections between existing packages.
>  In the long term however I think we need to come up with a
> mechanism that can allow these intersections to be packaged into
> one or the other package but dynamically be applied depending on
> whether or not the other package is installed.  In other words, on
> installing the package that includes the intersection the installer
> checks to see if the package that the intersection applies to is
> already installed.  If it is then the intersection is installed.
>  If it is not, the intersection package is somehow added as a
> "dormant" payload to the installation system which is directed to
> install it if the other package is installed.  Similarly the
> intersection package needs to be cleanly removed if the other
> package is later removed and registered again with the installation
> system.

If you look at how I packaged the Star Browser, you'll see that every 
package-dependent extension is in its own package. So there are no 
modifications to the base StarBrowser package for each of the 

The installer looks to see if the appropriate dependent is installed 
before installing the add-ons.

This is the way that Jacaranda's install should work.

I don't think that keeping uninstalled packages "dormant" would help 
much, since you can just do a re-install of SB and not lose anything 
(at least, this is the way it should be set up). Then you get the new 

Ned Konz

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