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Ned Konz ned at
Tue Jan 21 18:05:43 UTC 2003

On Tuesday 21 January 2003 08:52 am, tblanchard at wrote:

> Code that I load from SqueakMap is apparently passed through the
> ugly filter because when I look at it in the browser all the line
> breaks are gone and its onelongstreamofconsciousness.  Bleck.
> Is there a solution?

Which code?

It's not SqueakMap's fault; it may be that the original code has bad 

If you're referring to parts of StarBrowser, then it's probably my 
fault; in the conversion between Roel's VW source and what I 
packaged, the line endings were lost.

If you're referring to another DVS-formatted package, you may have an 
earlier version of DVS installed that didn't respect line endings.

Ned Konz

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