WindowsCE Machine Development

Ned Konz ned at
Wed Jan 22 18:27:22 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 22 January 2003 08:39 am, Just4Fun wrote:
> I've looked at the recommended site for WindowsCE machines. There
> is no information or image file for these small devices. I would
> really like to figure out how to get started with Squeak on my
> Jornada 720. Is there anyone who is using Squeak for development on
> the handheld platform who also reads this forum?
> My initial question is how do I create/find an image file that will
> work on a handheld device. Or even, how do I create a program on
> the PC and get it to run on a handheld device?
> TIA    Rachel

Depending on the amount of memory you have, you can use a regular 
image. Just get the appropriate VM (in your case, I believe that it's 
an HPC/Pro MIPS).

The same images will run on your PC as will run on your Jornada. It's 
just that you want to have them as small as possible.

I have a NEC MobilePro 770, which as I recall is about the same as the 
Jornada. I can run an only slightly stripped image on mine from a CF 

You could get one of the images that the PocketPC people have produced 
for devices like the IPaq, as well.

Ned Konz

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