WindowsCE Machine Development

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Wed Jan 22 18:36:35 UTC 2003


> There is no information or image file for these small devices.

I don't where you were looking but just to quote from two sites:

"Update: Yes, it's been eons since I updated this, but things have been
busy. Ken Treis has kindly provided some web space so you can find the messy
details about getting Squeak working here:

Some direct links:

Squeak 3.0 VM compiled for ARM

TinySqueak.changes --This image is ready-to-go with OSProcess and the new
GeniePlugin. It is also Genie-active, so be aware!"

"Squeak Image Files
You might want to have a Squeak image files that are suitable for iPAQ. Of
course, you can always make such image by yourself, but there are easier
ways to get started. 
You can grab such image from Kevin Fisher's TinySqueak.image from his web
You can strip-down the vanilla 3.0 image with Jerry Archibald's
MajorShrinkFor3.0.cs. Get and MajorShrinkFor3.0.cs.gz
from the Squeak FTP site, file in the CS file into the image and follow the
If you want to go one step further, get a change set by Sumi-san
(sumi at and file it into the image created above."

  - Andreas

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> I've looked at the recommended site for WindowsCE machines. 
> There is no
> information or image file for these small devices. I would really like
> to figure out how to get started with Squeak on my Jornada 
> 720. Is there
> anyone who is using Squeak for development on the handheld 
> platform who
> also reads this forum?
> My initial question is how do I create/find an image file 
> that will work
> on a handheld device. Or even, how do I create a program on the PC and
> get it to run on a handheld device?
> TIA    Rachel

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