WindowsCE Machine Development

Swan, Dean Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Thu Jan 23 02:23:12 UTC 2003

	Here's a step-by-step to apply the fix:

	1. Start the version of Squeak that you want to add this patch to.
		I'm assuming that you're using 3.2 for the rest of this.

	2. Right click on an empty area in the Squeak window.
	3. Click on 'open...' in the menu that will pop-up.
	4. Click on 'file list'
	5. The window that opens after selecting 'file list' is similar
		in function to the Windows Explorer window on a PC.

		Use the upper left part of the window to go to directory
		where you saved the Zip file you downloaded.

	6. Left Click on the '' file, then
		right click on the '' file.

	7. Select 'open archive viewer' from the pop-up menu.

	8. A window that works a lot like 'WinZip' will open.

	9. Click on the 'Extract All' button.

	10. A window will pop-up asking you to select a directory
		to extract to.  Select a directory.

	11. Go back to the 'file list' window.  Go to the directory
		where you extracted the '' file to.

	12. In the upper right pain of the file list, left click on the

	13. Click the 'File-In' button.

	14. Close the archive viewer and the file list windows.

	15. Pop up the world menu (as in step 2) (i.e. save, save as..., 
		save as new version, or save and quit - all near the bottom
		of the menu).

Then when you start Squeak again using the image file you just saved, it should include the DosFileDirectory fix.


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> Thanks to all who offered such  supportive answers for my 
> question. I'm
> just starting out, but I am very excited about this 
> development tool. So
> far, it seems much more natural for my 'programming challenged' nature
> than other languages that I have tried to wrestle. You've all given me
> some wonderful links and insight. I appreciate it.
> Now, of course, one question leads to another! Aaron, you 
> indicated that
> I needed to install a patch for WinCE and you were kind enough to even
> include the link. I visited the site and downloaded the fix, 
> but I can't
> seem to figure out what to do with the fix from this point. It doesn't
> self install to my pc, and I can't figure out if there is a directory
> that I'm supposed to copy the file to or ?? I'm at a bit of a 
> loss as to
> where to go next...
> I apologize for my ignorance and thank you for your 
> patience.... Rachel

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