Bagus Mahawan iwan at
Thu Jan 23 04:24:05 UTC 2003

> On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 10:41:46 +0900 "Bagus Mahawan" <iwan at> wrote:
> >Is it possible to implement a primitive that can manipulate pixels inside
> >squeak's window ? so that you can change the background image of the
> >squeak's window, for example.
> Iwan,
> If all you want is to change the background for Squeak, you don't need to
write any code. Point a FileList at a graphics file and choose 'open image
as background' from the menu.
> Cheers,
> Bob

Thanks Bob. But what I want is to make something like image processing tool,
where the GUI is developed on Squeak, while the image processing stuff
itself is (hopefullly) done by primitives.
So the first step is to find if there is any method for a primitive to
render an image directly into a window on Squeak environment.
For example, if you send a message
  aForm doit
(doit is a method that call the primitive)
then the corresponding primitive will then periodically render an image read
from the file, one image in every 1 sec, for example.
Is it possible ?


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