WindowsCE Machine Development

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at d.umn.EDU
Thu Jan 23 06:52:24 UTC 2003


It's pretty easy! To make sure this patch was applied and that it is
working properly, copy this image to your Jornada 720 or other  WinCE
device from the desktop or whatever machine where you applied the patch to
the image.  Open the image there using the Squeak VM for WinCE.  Then
follow Dean's instructions, up to the point where you open up the "file
list" window.

Within the "file list" window, navigate to any file you have stored on
your device.  For example, you can click on the *.changes file, where * is
the name of the image you're using.  The Squeak folder is the default
folder the File List opens with, so it sohuld be sitting there.  If you
tap on the .changes file (for example, dynapad-r01.changes) and it shows
some text, it works.  If you get a red window complaining of an error
(called a "walkback" or "debugger" window), then the patch is not working
and the file system funkiness is still existing.

...which makes one wonder, why not have this patch included by default in
the recent Squeak versions? Many people may not use Squeak on WinCE, but
it isn't a huge patch and still seems worth it!


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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Just4Fun wrote:

> Whew Dean,
>   Step by step! ...Wow, thanks. The fix seemed like it worked, but is
> there a way that I should check to see that the fix was actually applied
> to the image as it should be?          Rachel

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