[ENH] projectGestures-sm

simon at joyful.com simon at joyful.com
Thu Jan 23 18:42:52 UTC 2003

A more useful update of last year's changeset, tested with 3.4gamma. 

from preamble:

"Change Set:		projectGestures-sm
Date:			23 January 2003
Author:			Simon Michael

Installs some genie gestures on the background for easy project

This changeset loads projectGestures-sm.ggd, associates it with
PasteUpMorph, enables genie in all projects, and adds a preference for
enabling genie in new projects, true by default. This version
incorporates the previously separate fullScreenToggle and
newProjectsAtCursor changesets. Tested with morphic projects, MVC
support may need some more work. 

To browse the available gestures: draw a capital G on the background (or
go to world menu -> help -> genie gesture dictionaries); click Browse;
and use the middle set of arrow buttons.  Yes, the current genie UI can
be a bit confusing. Look at the left-most gesture and action in the
white field. Here's a summary (letters are drawn palm graffiti style):

up-stroke:	go to top project
left-stroke:	previous project
right-stroke:	next project
down-stroke:	jump to project
F:	(upside-down L, drawn from the bottom) toggle full-screen mode
F:	(drawn from the top) toggle flaps
G:	(drawn from the top) view the genie gesture dictionaries
g:	(drawn from the top) view the current active gesture dictionary
P:	(drawn from the bottom) create a new morphic project
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