marcus at marcus at
Thu Jan 23 21:47:44 UTC 2003


I'm sending this mail via "telnet 25"...
The exim running on that machine ( has a real
problem if you try to establish a TLS-encrypted SMTP connection (which
a lot of servers out there try to do...)

2003-01-23 22:23:11 18booX-0004WY-00 == squeak-dev at T=remote_smtp defer (0): SMTP error from remote mailer after STARTTL
S: host []: 454 TLS not available: missing RSA private key (#4.3.0)

Could someone please fix this? 

There is an option 

tls_advertise_hosts = *

in the exim.conf, When Exim has been built with TLS support, it advertises the availability of the STARTTLS command to client hosts that match tls_advertise_hosts, but not to any others. The default value of this option is unset, which means that STARTTLS is not advertised at all. So simply removing this should do the



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