squeakland plugin and os-x safari

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri Jan 24 01:53:53 UTC 2003

Well I've been busy thinking about this, debugging etc. Alas no-one  
beat my door down wanting a copy.

However what I've done is built a CFM stub to load and call a mach-o  
plugin. That makes debugging way way easier and allow us to compile  
with GCC etc etc to get a reasonable performance gain, which also then  
backports to Internet Explorer for os-x.

What I've determined is that the URL callback primitives don't work, we  
make the async call, then wait forever for ok/failure which we never  
see. Don't understand why yet. Technically we could offer the plugin  
without that feature but that causes problems for proxy installations.

RIght now I'm going away to think and to revisit the URL callbacks,  
then I need to fold this code base
I have from 3.2.4 into a 3.5.0 release, gnuify a plugin interp.c do  
some more testing etc.

Oh and by doing this we can use pthreads to run the interpreter,  
however by doing that I discovered some interesting drawing issues one  
needs to solve first. Otherwise we fail back to cooperative threading,  
but that
has sluggish performance once you've seen the pthread model run.

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