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Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at gmx.net
Fri Jan 24 07:51:37 UTC 2003

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Francis Kuo <tgkuo at ms22.hinet.net> wrote:

>>Hi all,
>>I found that squeak don't support unicode string, at least in my
>>environment ( I'm using Squeak 3.22 on WindowsXP, Chinese
>>language, charset: big5), so, I cann't display Chinese characters
>>normally in Squeak ( such as in file list, workspace etc).
>>Is there a simple workaround to make Squeak showing the Unicode string?

Squeak does not support Unicode and I think, that we will need a lot
of time to add Unicode to Squeak. Even support for the simpler
parts of Unicode is not a simple thing. (You may be surprised to
read that a lot of scripts are more difficult to support than Chinese.
The problem with Chinese is merely the enormous number of
characters. For indic scripts we need a very sophisticated
rendering algorithm, for arabic we have to handle
bidirectionality and presentation forms and and and ... )
For some time I planned to add Unicode support to Squeak,
but i have to confess that this is a project that would take

Yoshiki Ohshima implemented support for CJK
scripts. You should really look at this page:


There you find support for Japanese and optionally for Chinese and
Korean. The code is for Squeak 2.8. I do not know about a port
to newer versions of Squeak.

Cordial greetings, Boris



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