[Bug] [Jacaranda] Problems with self-transitions

Hernan Tylim hptylim at dc.uba.ar
Sat Jan 25 14:25:25 UTC 2003

	I am only guessing right now but my guess is that when the connectors is
trying to compute the points to make the curly it might use a global point
for reference (the mouse event point for example) without a
#globalToLocalPoint: translation to obtain a point in the diagram
pasteUpMorph coordinate system.

	Ned, would you point me where in your NCConnectorMorph code is this curly
connectors logic, so I can check it?

regards, Hernán

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> De: Ken Causey [mailto:ken at kencausey.com]
> Enviado el: Viernes, 24 de Enero de 2003 16:29
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> CC: Hernan Tylim
> Asunto: [Bug] [Jacaranda] Problems with self-transitions
> There's a problem when you try to connect a connector to the same item
> it originates from in a Jacaranda Diagram.  This is the sort of thing
> you might do in a state diagram to indicate a self-transition.  The
> connector ends up pointing more or less at infinity in some seemingly
> random direction.  Oddly if I just grab the item (say a state) out of
> the Jacaranda diagram and drop it in the world I can create a
> self-transition just fine.  Drag the state back in, edit the
> self-transition connector a little bit and it's OK.
> Ken

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