[Help]Collapsing morphs in system window with button

Keith McKay keithmckay at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Jan 26 13:09:50 UTC 2003

I hope someone can give me some hints to solve this problem.

I have a SystemWindowWithButton Morph in a project and I have embedded a number of TextMorphs, ButtonMorphs and RectangleMorphs into this SystemWindow.  I have been using the scripting system to add methods to these various Morphs, and needing some space on the desktop I hit the collapse button on the SystemWindow. It collapsed, but the embedded morphs were still visible on the desk top.

I have inspected the button, and its target is a SystemWindowWithButton (as expected) and the actionSelector #collapseOrExpand.  I can understand the condition part of the #collapseOrExpand but the rest of the method is quite complicated.  Also what I find even more confusing is that when the button on a Browser is clicked, all the subMorphs which make it up, collapse.  I'm obviously missing something here and would appreciate hints on how to get round this problem.

Oh, I also seem to have a red rectangle with yellow diagonals on my project desktop, that I can't get the halos up on so that I can send it to trash.  Any hints for this as well?

Keith McKay
Hamilton, Scotland
e-mail keithmckayATblueyonder.co.uk
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