Need Help with PluggableButtonMorph

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Sun Jan 26 17:17:48 UTC 2003

Hi guys

can somebody help me with the following problem (I spent really too 
much time on it)?

I have a window with PlugabbleButtonMorph buttons, when I open the 
window, the buttons are in a down position (I would like them to be in 
up at start time), when I click on the buttons they do up/down/up and 
stay in up position after. This means that the user sees a difference 
whether he pressed or not on a button.

My buttons do not need a model so I did not pass one. Should I? I pass 
getState: nil thinking that it could work as follow. I checked the code 
and apparently PBM checks that carefully

| button |
button := PluggableButtonMorph
				on: self
				getState: nil
				action: #clearAllAction.
button label: 'Clear All'.
self colorizeButton: button.
^ button

I tried all kinds of stuffs such as to pass a method returnTrue as 
argument of the getState
getState: #returnTrue


	^ true
I tried also the feedbackColor: method to have some feedback when I 
press on a button but
nothing happened.

As I only needed a stupid buttons that trigger a method on a target I 
tried to use other buttons such as SimpleButtonMorph until I realized 
that addMorph:frame... control their color (I hate that). So I could 
not define the color ***I*** wanted for them.

So a really bad sunday afternoon.........When will squeak have a decent 
UI widget set, with comments on the class? I have the impression that 
this will never happen.

If you want to try....With the following code try MicroWorkspace new 
openAsMorph and click on the leftmost button (I shortcut its action, 
the other should normally break in your image because the other classes 
are not included)

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Thanks back writing....boring books....


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  different? ... especially if, by doing something different, today
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