Need Help with PluggableButtonMorph

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Sun Jan 26 18:55:21 UTC 2003

>> can somebody help me with the following problem (I spent really too
>> much time on it)?
>> I have a window with PlugabbleButtonMorph buttons, when I open the
>> window, the buttons are in a down position (I would like them to be
>> in up at start time), when I click on the buttons they do
>> up/down/up and stay in up position after. This means that the user
>> sees a difference whether he pressed or not on a button.

> The problem is that you're adding buttons to the SystemWindow
> directly; the alternative look is changing their borderStyle to
> #inset which is making them look as if they're depressed.
> Instead, add the buttons to another Morph and then add that Morph to
> the window.

Thanks ned. So much frustration for that .... I should have asked before

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> Ned Konz
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