A squeak3.4 VM will be needed

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Sun Jan 19 21:31:47 UTC 2003

Doug Way wrote:
> On Sunday, January 19, 2003, at 07:48 AM, Andreas Raab wrote:
>> The latter is partly why I like naming the VM just "Squeak.exe" for 
>> all but
>> the most experienced Squeakers. It encourages them to think about the 
>> VM as
>> "essentially the same" across all versions (which is true - you can run
>> everything back to Squeak 1.1 on the latest VMs) and (for the largest 
>> part)
>> not to worry about "uh... now this is Squeak 3.4 VM ... will this work 
>> if I
>> try to start Squeak3.2.image with it???"
> True, that sounds reasonable.  It's definitely better to bundle the VM 
> with no version number than to have the wrong version number.

Indeed.  And you don't usually run "java-x.y.z"; you run "java".  And if 
you want to know the version you run "java --version".

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