Crazy idea: a Squeak-based file manager for Linux

Bill Schwab bills at
Sat Jan 25 17:33:21 UTC 2003

Hello all,

Some time ago, I was "forced" to upgrade my most prominent (read at risk to attack) Linux machine.  In the shuffle, I found myself exchanging a really nice X Windows interface to midnight commander (graphical file manager) for a web-browser based interface that I don't much enjoy using.  

I just tried a quick experiment with Squeak 3.2, opening a FileList2 to full screen, and have a suggestion based on it.  In order to work as I envision, the file list would need to shed its Morphic system 
window/title bar (it won't need it) and would want to fill the Morphic desktop as the main (native) window is resized.  The result would be a pretty nice graphical file manager, or at least could become 
that with some work.  

It could be packaged for RPM setup to run as a file manager, and could have a command somewhere to "learn more".  That could change projects or whatever else is necessary/expedient to change 
to a normal view of Squeak, probably by way of a welcoming workspace.  An alternative would be to have the file manager run as a fairly minimal image (no sources etc.), in which case it could 
simply display instructions for how to obtain and install the development environment.

I will probably end up doing this eventually, at least as far as saving an image and creating shortcuts to it, but there might a chance to get some "market share" among Linux users who would not otherwise know about Squeak.  Trying that would probably be best left for someone knowing a lot more than I do about Linux, RPM, and shrinking Squeak.


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