SqueakMap - analysis tools?

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Mon Jan 27 12:14:19 UTC 2003


"Bill Schwab" <bills at an4.anest.ufl.edu> wrote:
> Hello all,
> SqueakMap seems to be taking off nicely, and it is a nice way to grab goodies.  However, I still come back to the problem of starting from scratch.  Dolphin's commercial origins force the issue with each release, but it's also a nice sanity check on whether or not I know what is in my image.  Are there any good tools for deciding what to load into a new image?  I encourage and Dolphin-using Squeakers to take a look at Migrate from my Dolphin Goodies - especially the version packaged for D5.  I would really like to see something like it for Squeak.

I will see if I get time to have a look, a bit swamped right now.
> The other issue, mentioned before, is that SM seems to favor downloading over locally cached copies.  Ideally, it should offer to download updates, but be willing to load packages from the local drive.  Has that been addressed?

Yes, in the upcoming SM1.1 that bit is completely changed into a smart
cache. And there is no real point in hacking SM1.0x since SM1.1 is
different in other fundamental aspects - like dealing with not only
packages but also package *releases*.

SM1.1 will not be coming until earliest late february though - I have a
deadline to catch (fixed price job in Dolphin actually). But when it
comes it will be much more interesting than the current SM, especially
since it also will adress the dependency issues too.

regards, Göran

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