*****SPAM***** Re: Cryptography 0.2

Hans-Martin Mosner hmm at heeg.de
Tue Jan 28 16:13:15 UTC 2003

Nevin Pratt wrote:

> Incidentally, I have my system configured to automatically dump 
> spam-tagged emails to the trash.  Others may be doing this also.  I 
> happened to see this  before empting the trash.
> Nevin

you should really check your setup.
Alejandro is from Argentina, and due to the many badly configured 
machines there (and the often slow or non-existant reaction by network 
admins) it is reasonable for someone who does not expect mail from 
Argentina to dump it. But Alejandro most likely can't do something about it.
Given the lively Squeak community in Argentina (especially considering 
their bad economic situation) I think it is reasonable for us Squeakers 
to treat them well.


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