*****SPAM***** Re: Cryptography 0.2

Nevin Pratt nevin at smalltalkpro.com
Tue Jan 28 16:44:31 UTC 2003

Hans-Martin Mosner wrote:

> Nevin Pratt wrote:
>> Incidentally, I have my system configured to automatically dump 
>> spam-tagged emails to the trash.  Others may be doing this also.  I 
>> happened to see this  before empting the trash.
>> Nevin
> Nevin,
> you should really check your setup.
> Alejandro is from Argentina, and due to the many badly configured 
> machines there (and the often slow or non-existant reaction by network 
> admins) it is reasonable for someone who does not expect mail from 
> Argentina to dump it. But Alejandro most likely can't do something 
> about it.
> Given the lively Squeak community in Argentina (especially considering 
> their bad economic situation) I think it is reasonable for us 
> Squeakers to treat them well.

Yes, it is *more* than reasonable to treat them well.  I'm very glad 
they are here.

All-in-all, SpamAssassin does a very good job for me, and I'm quite 
pleased with it (it is running on my mail server, which is a FreeBSD 
box).  Once I know a particular address that SpamAssassin is tagging, 
and I don't want it tagged, I can of course add that domain (or just the 
individual email address if I want) to my white list.

But I thought it would be useful to him to know what SpamAssassin by 
default thinks of his emails.

Incidentally, for general web access, I also run DansGuardian, Squid, 
and SquidGuard.  My internal network (of 7 machines) is configured so 
that *all* internal traffic to or from the internet *must* go through 
the FreeBSD box, and it monitors the traffic and traffic content.  I 
also have yet another filter on a hardware router that everything must 
go through on the internet side of the FreeBSD box-- it was my original 
filter before I set the FreeBSD box up, and I just left it in place. 
 And, everything is configured for safe access by small children (I have 
9 kids, from ages 1 to 13).

I joke with my wife that we should hang a bank of modems on the FreeBSD 
machine, and then add some more phone lines, and sell "safe" internet 
access to our community.  And actually, I'm only half-way joking :-)


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