Dumb Linux question and a test

Bill Schwab bills at an4.anest.ufl.edu
Tue Jan 28 02:33:54 UTC 2003

Hello all,

First, I want to see if my newly changed email address will allow me to
post w/o bothering the moderator (for which I appologize).

Second, I'm having a little trouble getting the latest Linux VM to
install.  Google quickly turned "Squeak libX11.so" into links to
download some rpms which look like they would fix the problem.  That
doesn't necessarily make the ftp server responsive though :(   The
machine that is easiest to use (at home, RH 7.0 IIRC) is not at all
critical, so I would be open to upgrading or even starting over with a
newer distribution.  Is there one that's preferred?  Or, will waiting
until the rpms are accessible take care of it?


Wilhelm K. Schwab, Ph.D.
University of Florida
Department of Anesthesiology
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Gainesville, FL 32610-0254

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