[BUG] TextPropertiesMorph - overflow

Webb McDonald vanjulio at holonet.carbonite.org
Tue Jan 28 05:48:54 UTC 2003

If you have a text that's substantially large, opening a 
TextPropertiesMorph to add color becomes impossible.  
The window opens as large as your full text - is there an alternative?
I believe it needs a scrollbar!  

Can I make this fix and turn it in?  also - GeeMail gets blown away when 
you open TextPropertiesMorph... but I'm not sure where its best to  begin 
with this,
(it could call for a rethinking of TextPropertiesMorph - make edits to the 
existing TextMorph instead of a tmp copy? - evidently this problem with 
GeeMail occurs btwn the transition from 'TextPlusMorph', to tmp 
TextMorph, and back to TextPlusMorph).

If no one has an opinion on this then I'll go ahead and do these changes! 
(or please inform me otherwise) -


Webb McDonald
1324481.14 662809.63

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