[ANN] Tracing Messages Browser

Chris Muller afunkyobject at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 29 18:34:51 UTC 2003

This is a useful browser for statically tracing message flow by indenting
implementors below and outdenting senders above in the same MessageList
browser, instead of opening new ones.  Not only does this severely reduce
profileration of MessageList browsers, it provides a great view of a function
implementation across multiple classes.

Tracing can be done without distraction from the code.  Specifically, as you
look at the code (in the lower pane) and you see where you want to go next, you
just double-click it in the code and Command+m.  Even for multi-argument
keyword messages, it is lexically aware enough to add the correct message even
though you only select the first part of the keyword message.

Also notable is the improved facility for removing unwanted messages from the
list.  Unlike a standard MessageList, you can quickly drag-select a range
without missing any selections (especially on slower computers) or use
shift+click and then Command+f to remove from the list (in lieu of
shift-clicking for the alternate menu).

Originally developed for VW by someone at Applied Reasoning, I wrote this from
scratch for Squeak about a year ago and have been using it since.  It's stable
and on SqueakMap as an auto-installable SAR.

If you browse Smalltalk code on a regular basis, this browser can triple your
productivity and I highly recommend trying it.  Comments are welcome too.

 - Chris

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