ANSI Class Categories

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Wed Jan 29 22:08:40 UTC 2003

"Boris Gaertner" <Boris.Gaertner at> wrote:
	CLDT stands for 'Common Language Data Types'
	In IBM Smalltalk there are other abbreviations of that kind:
	CLIM  Common Language Implementation
	CPM   Common Process Model
	CFS    Common File System
	CG      Common Graphics Subsystem
	CW     Common Widget Subsystems
	CP      Common Printing Subsystem
	EW     Extended Widget Subsystem
	I think CLDT, CLIM, CPM are taken form the ANSI standard.
None of these come from the ANSI standard.
In particular, ANSI Smalltalk doesn't _have_ any processes.

More generally, you cannot make class categories in any Smalltalk
either compatible with or incompatible with ANSI Smalltalk,
because there are no class categories in ANSI Smalltalk.

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